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Alessio Larios '19

Government and Computer Science

Admission Intern 
Senator on Wesleyan Student Assembly
Vice Chair of Student Budget Committee
Coder for Wesleyan Media Project

New York, NY

Brooklyn Technical High School

Although I lived and went to schools in Manhattan, I decided to attend Brooklyn Tech for high school. I enjoyed the transition from my mostly homogenous communities in elementary and middle school to a much more diverse high school where I not only learned a lot academically, but also became more accepting and tolerant of other identities. A main reason I decided to come to Wes is because I know this community deeply cares about making sure everyone feels welcomed. When I arrived on campus I immediately sought a position on the Wesleyan Student Assembly and at the Office of Admission because these are two areas that help foster the community at Wes. For the past year and a half I have served on the Student Budget Committee, where I ensure that student groups get equitable funding. Although I soon have to declare my major, I am unsure of what I will declare. I would like to take advantage of the University Major, which would allow me to combine government and religion (and maybe even history), and I may decide to continue with programming and become a computer science major.

A friend from my high school was accepted to Wes and was thrilled to start school here. She encouraged me to apply and I was able to visit campus as a member of the QuestBridge NYC Cohort. The campus was my favorite among the college I had visited and I noticed a genuine passion for Wes from the students I encountered. As senior year progressed, Wes almost came off my list because it does not have an International Relations major, but I decided to still apply because Wes was the best campus I had visited. As my acceptances and rejections rolled in, I realized I was not excited for the schools I was accepted into and not very disappointed by the rejections. When I got the notification that Wesleyan’s decision was online, my heart started pounding and with my increasingly-sweaty palms I logged into WesCheck. When I read that I got accepted I screamed in excitement. I then got to visit campus again for WesFest and within those three days I was exposed to such a vibrant and welcoming community that I was sure I wanted to come to Wes!

"Hey Jude" - Paul McCartney/The Beatles
"Wrote my Way Out" - Nas, Dave East, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Aloe Blacc

Pulp Fiction

My first name means "Defender of Mankind"