Chat Transcript

Topic: Applying to Wes: Admission and Financial Aid
Monday, November 4, 2013 

AssociateDeanStrong: Hi, Everyone!  Welcome to the Applying to Wesleyan chat.  I am one of the associate deans here in the Office of Admission and I'm joined by a few Wesleyan students.


AssociateDeanStrong: Wes students, can you introduce yourselves?


Anthony Dean: Hello, my name is Anthony Dean. I am a freshman here at Wesleyan; I am an intended physics/environmental science double major. I applied here ED, and I love the decision I made


Savannah_2016: Hello! I'm Savannah and I'm a sophomore here at Wes. I'm from Vermont, and I'm going to double major in MB&B and SISP. On campus, I am a course assistant for an intro physics class, and I work in Olin Library. I'm also involved with the Wesleyan Food Rescue group and, of course, WesAmbassadors which run these chats. I'm also on the premed track.


Maya Herbsman: Hello! My name is Maya and I am a current freshman. I am from San Francisco and am hoping to double major in theater and sociology.


AssociateDeanStrong: This is designed to be a forum for your questions about applying to Wes and anything else you'd like to know about being a student at Wesleyan.  So feel free to start asking questions!


Sophie Shifman: Hi, I'm Sophie Shifman. How many majors/minors or programs do you offer?


Yintian Long: Hello everyone, my name is Yintian Long, a lucky girl from China. I am really glad to be here and I am also really thankful to this chat chance to know Wesleyan. So thank you everyone.


Mary Beth Bankson: I'm a parent, my daughter is applying ED to Wes.  I think she's got everything under control and we do too, as far as applying for aid.  Have you experienced any problems with submissions of applications through Common App?  We have not so far, #knocking wood.


Eric Poretsky: Hi, My name is Eric Poretsky, I am a senior and applying for the ED1 round to Wesleyan. I'm interested in majoring in music and am particularly interested in film scoring (possibly working with the film majors and film scores and movies).


Savannah_2016: Hi Sophie! Here is a link to the list of majors and programs that we have at Wes. Academic minors were established here in the spring of 2012, so there are a limited number at the moment, but students are petitioning all the time to add more in areas they are passionate about! That being said, it's very easy to double major at Wes, so if there isn't a minor in an area you're interested, you can still pursue your interests in that area.


Anthony Dean: Eric, I've become involved in music here at Wes, and I can definitely say that the music education here is special. It's a very good and tough music program, but it's also very light-hearted


Sophie Shifman: Okay, thank you! I'm a senior, by the way, from Jersey City, NJ applying regular decision to Wes. I'm interested in the STEM fields, and I was wondering what type of research opportunities are offered?


AssociateDeanStrong: Hi, Mary Beth.  There have been some issues with Common App this fall, but it looks like they are starting to clear up.  If you or your daughter are concerned that we received your documents, feel free to contact me via email at and I can follow up for you.


Eric Poretsky: Yes. I visited the school a month ago and was really amazed with the music scene and interest in the arts. I got to sit in on a class about slave songs and heard a lot about the ethnomusicology scene which sounds really amazing.


Yintian Long: For me, college is a place to find friendship and gain knowledge. So I really wonder how Wesleyan students handle dissents both in class and in life, for I think dissents can be inspiration if everyone is rationally presenting? Thanks.


Anthony Dean: Sophie, Wesleyan really prides itself on a strong science program, and I can personally vouch for that as someone deeply invested in the sciences


Mary Beth Bankson: Thank you Dean Strong.  You are saying that even if we have not experienced problems on our end, it is OK, and good, to check with you? 


Savannah_2016: Wesleyan is an excellent school for research because it has a small graduate program with GREAT science funding and professors that are actively conducting their own research. This means that labs aren't filled with graduate students, so many undergrads work in labs on research with their professors. I knew students as early as second semester freshman year who were researching! I'm actually currently looking into research opportunities, and the first step is really reaching out to professors when you are interested in their area of research. It's pretty easy to get into research if you go after it.


AssociateDeanStrong: Mary Beth, if you haven't experienced problems, it's likely okay, but we understand if you want to double-check and I'm happy to follow up for you if you'd like.


Anthony Dean: Yintian, I feel that everyone as Wesleyan is very passionate about what they're doing, and sometimes this will result in differing viewpoints, but I find that it is in an environment that is far more cooperative than it is competitive, so I find that people can really benefit from working with others here


Mary Beth Bankson: Thanks to you all.  Wes looks like a terrific school and we are hoping for the best.  We've done lots of visiting and research so we have our questions answered for the moment.  Thank you for the opportunity to chat and everyone take care through the admissions process!


Sophie Shifman: Thanks, Anthony and Savannah! This was all really helpful and good to know. So, how about the courses in those fields - are they handle-able, or do they require sleepless nights and energy drinks to pass them? :)


Maya Herbsman: Yintian, in my experience I have found that Wesleyan students love engaging in conversation both in and out of class. When differences of opinions do arise, I have found that Wesleyan students enjoy the chance to hear other opinions and treat those opinions with respect, regardless of their personal feelings on the matter.


Eric Poretsky: I have a few questions about student-produced shows/activities. Being very interested in the arts while wanting the balance of a liberal arts education, I can see myself putting on film shorts/compositions to fellow classmates. How easy is it to set up something like an independent screening and is the community at Wes eager in being a part of the culture outside of their major?


Savannah_2016: Sophie: As someone who has taken (or is taking) at least one class in each of the major sciences and math, I can promise that if you do the problem sets week to week and actively work to clarify questions you have with the professor or other students in your class, you shouldn't lose any sleep. :)


Rachel Swack: It sounds as though there are many opportunities to do research with professors in the sciences.  Are there also research opportunities within the humanities fields? 


Anthony Dean: Eric, the Wes community is INCREDIBLY eager to be a part of the entire culture in and out of their specific fields! I am actually on staff for the student-run theater group, and I know it's very easy to get involved with student theater and other performance opportunities on campus, AND people will actually come out to support you


Sophie Shifman: Okay, thank you! Also, are there a lot of temporary professors or professor assistants that teach these courses?


Gretchen Bogan: Hey, my name is Gretchen Bogan and I'm very excited to be applying to Wesleyan. I am very interested in anthropology, especially physical. I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about the anthropology and psych majors, and if we are able to take focuses within those majors?


Eric Poretsky: Thanks Anthony. That sounds very comforting and exciting as I think a vital component of any good school is an interest in thinking outside the box and collaboration.


Savannah_2016: Courses are taught by Wesleyan professors or very qualified visiting professors. In some of the bigger lecture classes, there will be a weekly TA session to go over the material for the week, but the professors do the teaching.


Anthony Dean: Eric, you can really see the love for interdisciplinary interests in the different academic "college" departments as well


Yintian Long: @Anthony Dean, thank you so much! Such a cooperative environment is what I expect because I believe in respect and tolerance, which are important to differences. I really thank you for in my country, it is hard to voice different opinions, especially with teachers. Also whatever our personal opinions are, more discussion and respect can take us closer to the truth. Besides, I also wonder about library, or it there any center can students and professors talk or discuss together? Thanks.


Shizuha Hatori: Hi! My name is Shizuha Hatori in Japan. I'm so excited to be applying to Wesleyan, but I cannot be able to do that without Freeman Scholarship Program. Are there any difference which Wes is looking forward to seeing between students for regular app and those who apply for Freeman?


Savannah_2016: Gretchen, this is taken from the anthropology major website (which I can send a link to if you want). "Courses are offered in cultural, social, and archaeological theory and method, as well as in a wide range of specializations, including feminist and gender studies, urban anthropology, globalization, popular culture, and the ethnography and archaeology of particular regions around the world." There are a lot of different ways to go into the anthropology major. And the same goes for the psych major.


Eric Poretsky: That's great. One of the things I kept in mind when making my college list was definitely interdisciplinary interests and a desire to learn. I think that is something that attracts me to Wesleyan so much.


Sophie Shifman: That's great, thanks Savannah. Just out of curiosity, how many people are there in the freshman class at the moment? And do the numbers vary from sophomore to junior to senior classes?


Anthony Dean: Yintian, the connection between students and professors can be so great because of the small classes we have here at Wes. I actually just went out to lunch with one of my professors last week where we discussed topics from class and simply our lives. One of my favorite things about this school is the incredible ability of the professors and their engagement with their students


Savannah_2016: Rachel, is there a specific field in the humanities you are interested in pursuing research in? I don't know a lot about the research on the humanities side, but I can try to find out for you!


Savannah_2016: And currently there are about 750 people in the freshman class, I believe. The number tends to stay around 750 per grade.


Maya Herbsman: Yintian, I completely agree with Anthony. Just last week I spent an hour in the office of my sociology professor continuing a discussion I had enjoyed in class as well as how it pertains to my life. I have found that professors are always excited to have conversations with students outside of class.


Rachel Swack: Savannah, I am interested in International Relations as well as History, especially Middle Eastern History. 


Maya Herbsman: I have found my workload to be rigorous absolutely, but nothing I can't handle. There are times where I find myself stressed out, but in general, I am so passionate about the work I am doing and am surrounded by such a supportive community, that I am quite able to manage my stress.


Savannah_2016: Shizuha, Wes looks for diversity in its student body, so my best advice would be to represent yourself as accurately as you can in your application and let them know why you would be an awesome addition to the student body. :)


AssociateDeanStrong: Hi, Shizuha.  Wesleyan looks for intellectual curiosity, demonstrated academic ability and leadership potential when making admission decisions.  In your application be your genuine, authentic self! For more info on Freeman Scholars, you can check out this link:


Eric Poretsky: I have a question for the students. I know a big part of Wesleyan is the opportunity to study abroad in one of the many programs around the world. For those students who have done the study abroad program, can you give me a little bit of information about your experience and how this came into play when you left/returned to Wesleyan?


Sophie Shifman: That's a really good number of students, actually - it's not too small and not too large. Okay so what about sports at Wes? Because right now I do volleyball and swimming, and I've been on both varsity teams for all 4 years of high school. So would I be able to play club/intramural volleyball, for example?


Shizuha Hatori: Savannah, thank you for replying! When, you were applying to Wes, what kind of quality of yourself did you present to Wes? I mean, like in an essay or in an interview.


Sophie Shifman : Oh, and I second the above question from Eric. I have always wanted to study abroad, and could Wes make it possible?


Savannah_2016: Rachel, Middle Eastern studies is filled with faculty that are currently writing books or conducting research in their fields. Here is a link to the faculty page, and extended bios show the interests of the professors. It seems that a lot of active research is being conducted in that major!


Anthony Dean: Sophie, the sports opportunities here at Wes are very open; for the most part you can participate in anything you are interested in within an accepting community of others who also love that sport


Yintian Long: @Anthony and Maya, Thank you so much! The things you say really sound good. I hope I can get into an interdisciplinary background, because from my studying experience, there is a strong connection within many fields, such as some social problem can be explained by chemical balance. Therefore, I wonder is there many opportunities to get in such a broad academic study? Thank you.


Maya Herbsman: Shizuha, when I was applying, both through my essay and my interview, I tried to simply show as much of myself as I could. I think the application process is a wonderful time to allow the university to get to know who you really are and so I wouldn't worry too much about what qualities to present, more just focus on showing yourself!


Shizuha Hatori: Thank you Dean! I'm so so lucky to have an opportunity to apply to Freeman Scholarship, but I think I cannot make my living at Wes without additional aid. I've read that additional aid for Freeman's are available, does it means the amount of aid can be different for individuals?


AssociateDeanStrong: Rachel, additionally students in all disciplines, including the humanities writ large, have the opportunity in their senior year to do an honors thesis.  Theses range from 100 to 150 pages (though I know of one last year that was 300 pages) and give seniors an opportunity to do seriously advanced scholarship in their chosen field.  You don't have to do a thesis, but many seniors choose to.


Anthony Dean: Yintian, there are many interdisciplinary programs already in place, but if you want to focus on your own area of study, you can put your major interests into a University major, which allows you to create your own major


Claireokane: How important is an interview in the application process? 


Anthony Dean: In addition to that, the broad liberal arts education is strongly supported in every aspect of campus life


AssociateDeanStrong: Shizua, there is an opportunity for Freeman Scholars to receive aid in addition to the tuition scholarship.  Please see the message I just sent you outlining the specific details.


Savannah_2016: Studying abroad is very common at Wes! It's incredibly easy to study abroad no matter what major you are. Students typically study abroad in their junior year or the spring of their sophomore year, and The Office of International Studies is very helpful in applying and getting paperwork in!


Yintian Long: @Anthony Dean, thank you so much! It's so great to hear it. Apart from it, I also I wonder how rigorous is Wesleyan's academic work, although I never fear stress and I can cope with it so that I won't be stressful, I am curious with how stressful in Wesleyan? Thanks.


Rachel Swack: Thank you Savannah and Dean Strong.  It sounds like there are many opportunities to do the type of research and writing that I am interested in.  I am looking at the Middle Eastern Studies faculty website now.  


Anthony Dean: Work can definitely pile up; I've had some tough nights, but I really appreciate what I am learning, and honestly the reason I am at college is to learn. I would definitely say the work here is challenging, but I wouldn't expect anything less


Savannah_2016: Claire, I applied RD and didn't have an interview, and I know many people who didn't as well. However, an interview can help you answer any other questions you have about the school face to face and can help you gain more of a feel for Wesleyan by having an extended talk with a current student. It's a great opportunity if you can arrange an interview, but if not, it will not hurt you in the slightest.


Eric Poretsky: Thank you @Savannah_2016! I think I would be very interested in studying for a semester in another country or doing some research in that country. Another thing is I know that double majors are extremely popular at Wesleyan with the majority of kids having a major in two fields. How would you say a balance is achieved in double-majoring and any pros and cons you might have had (if you are a double major)?


Yintian Long: @Anthony Dean, thank you for your personal views on the work in Wesleyan. However, what I really want to ask is the rigorous academic work there, how rigorous it can be instead of how stressful the work. Thanks.


Sophie Shifman: Thank you so much for this information. Also, can you tell me about the campus and student life around campus at Wes? Basically, how is the environment in and around Wesleyan?


Anthony Dean: It’s a challenging education that is still manageable and enjoyable


Claireokane: I am interested in a double major--East Asian Studies and Environmental Science.  Would I be working with two different advisors from two different departments?


AssociateDeanStrong: Yintian, I was a student at Wesleyan (class of '96) and I can say that Wesleyan is quite rigorous.  As an example, I was used to getting As on all of my essays and I was known for being a good writer in high school.  When I got to Wes I worked hard and I managed my time very well, but it took a whole semester and a lot of work to bring my essays up to the Wesleyan standard.  I did succeed, though, and it was worth it because I learned so much.


Savannah_2016: Eric: Wesleyan's gen ed recommendations (they are NOT requirements) are very easy to fulfill; I will be done with them by the end of my sophomore year. This means that as an upperclassmen, you have a lot of room to take classes that are not in your major. This allows students to double major very easily. If there are two areas that a student enjoys, it can be more convenient for them to structure their classes accordingly! It's so easy to complete a major or certificate in an area that you enjoy. I think the greatest pro is that you can spend all of your time doing work in areas you are passionate about, which makes work (generally) fun! No cons so far - I'm just really excited to take more classes.


Maya Herbsman: Sophie, what I have found is that Wesleyan is full of creative, passionate, and warm students. In my experience, the people here tend to be excited about what they are doing and studying and excited to be a part of this community. I can't really say more than that the environment on campus is probably my favorite part about Wesleyan. It is so friendly and welcoming that it has given me a really easy transition into college.


Eric Poretsky: Once again thank you Savannah! I can see how that would promote general intellectual curiosity. Even though I would want to have some focus in music I would love to take classes in other fields that interest me. Thanks!


Savannah_2016: Sophie: The general atmosphere around Wesleyan, in my experience, is fun and respectful. The campus is large enough that you are always meeting new people, but you can always run into someone you know, which is wonderful! There is a diverse student population and students love sharing their thoughts and opinions on a variety of subjects from politics to pop culture, which can lead to all sorts of fascinating discussions. Everyone is learning from each other and generally having fun. Another thing I loved about Wesleyan is that I don't feel any sort of competition between students.


Savannah_2016: Claire: When you declare your major(s) at the end of sophomore year, you get a major advisor who will act as an asset to you the rest of your time at Wes. If you double major, you get one advisor in each department in order to meet all of your needs as effectively as possible.


Anthony Dean: Eric, I am in a somewhat similar situation to what you described; I have a large interest in music, and I also have plenty of time to dedicate to music and many other areas as well


Eric Poretsky: Thanks Anthony. If you don't mind sharing, what are you currently majoring in at Wesleyan?


Sophie Shifman: Yay, that is precisely what I wished to hear! Thanks a lot to everyone who answered my series of questions, and in the future, I hope to discover all of these great things about Wesleyan for myself. Thank you again, and have a good night!


Anthony Dean: I plan to major in physics and environmental science, but I also hope to complete a music minor


Anthony Dean: I am currently enrolled in two music classes


Eric Poretsky: Oh very cool!


Yintian Long: @ Dean Strong, thank you very much! I expect a rigorous requirement because it is beneficial to the way of thinking and doing. I am glad that you put a very detailed info here, and as for the Wesleyan standard you said, may I ask how it is, is anything unique inside and how to improve to that standard, by yourself or help from others such as student community and professors? Thank you.


Rachel Swack: Have you found that the music scene on campus is mostly dominated by the music majors, or is it pretty easy to take classes and get involved if you are majoring in something else?


Anthony Dean: The music scene is most certainly not dominated by music majors. I am in a student band myself, and none of us are declared music majors


Shizuha Hatori: One thing I'd like to ask is that since I'm interested in Foreign affairs or international relationships, I'd love to take these subjects as my major, but currently I'm seeking whether I can learn about American culture especially. I'm not referring to American history, but American social structure itself like politics, economy, social security, discrimination, Native Americans or culture itself. Does Wes have any subject that I can learn these kinds of things?


Savannah_2016: I know a large number of people who are involved in music here, and I think only a very small number are music majors. You can start a band, perform on your own, watch films about music, go to seminars, be part of the sound coop that runs music shows all over campus. There are so many ways to get involved with music on campus.


Eric Poretsky: I know a big part of Wesleyan's social structure is "progressive independence". Can anyone talk about what it's like to live in the wooden "theme" houses versus traditional dorming?


Savannah_2016: Shizuha, there is an American Studies major offered at Wes. It does involve a history aspect, but it also takes into account anthropological aspects, english, religion, art history, and sociology. Many classes that are cross listed with American Studies can focus on the United States through various lenses to give you a comprehensive view of American culture, past and present.


Yintian Long: @Dean Strong, a little add on the topic on rigorous environment. I think a rigorous one is where high requirement teachers put on students in order to improve them, and anytime there is a problem in a person, teachers can point out directly and lead a right way so that it will be a really cooperative place. And a stressful one is relatively personal, because as I said, I think it is all about one's own management. So, may I ask about the strict requirements in Wesleyan again in terms of the things I said above? Thank you.


Anthony Dean: Eric, I do not live in theme housing, but I love the idea of it because it brings people who share one specific love (may I stress it is not their only passion) together to live together and share their opinions


Savannah_2016: Eric, you can live in program houses or halls as early as your sophomore year. You apply to live there the semester before. One aspect that is different from dorms is that you do not participate in General Room Selection (GRS) in the spring, which is more of a lottery system. It also means you will be living with people who share a certain interest with you, which can be a great opportunity to meet new people. There are a good deal fewer people in program houses than dorms, so you tend to grow a closer community. However, many program houses are farther from the center of campus than dorms.


AssociateDeanStrong: Yintian, there are a lot of resources here on campus.  Faculty members are always available to talk with you about your work and give you guidance on how to improve.  There are also peer tutors in writing and math who can help students who want to improve in those areas.  I think that students here are driven by a desire to make a real impact in the world more so than by grades; there is always a desire to do better work than what you did last week or last semester because the better you do--the more you learn—the greater impact you can make.


Eric Poretsky: Thank you Anthony and Savannah! Yes when I visited it seemed like a very unique idea and not something I have really seen at any other colleges. I also know that Middletown is a nice suburb in Conneticut so can you describe the social life on weekends/nights? Do you ever find yourself bored or is there so much always going on that you can always find something to engage yourself with the community?


Shizuha Hatori: Thank you! So if I take American Studies as major, can I still learn about international relationships?


Savannah_2016: You absolutely can still look into international relations. International relations is a certificate you can get, which means the load is more equivalent to a minor, and there won't be as many requirements as a major would have. As many people double major here, looking into these two areas would definitely be doable!


Anthony Dean: For the most part, students tend to stay on campus for weekends, but there is no boundary to not do so; we have a good connection with Middletown, I actually helped teach some elementary school students this afternoon, but for the most part, the social life at Wesleyan stays on campus


Yintian Long: @Dean Strong, thank you so much! Such drive is really impressive, but I rather believe that the real impact needs to know yourself and change yourself first, so could please give an example about the real impact? I understand it is somehow hard to define the real impact, but I am not asking about it, and I am just curious with the relationship between the real impact and persons. Thank you


Eric Poretsky: Thanks Anthony. I may have not been specific enough but I meant to ask is the social community frequently "alive" (for lack of a better word). Meaning, do you ever find yourself bored at night because there is nothing to do on campus or are there events such as lectures, club meetings, movies, debates, etc.?


AssociateDeanStrong: Yintian, I apologize if I am misunderstanding your question.  When you say real impact, can you give me an example of what you mean so I can more accurately address your question?


Shizuha Hatori: Savannah, thank you! Do you think taking double major is hard to deal with? Many people around me tell me in that way, but I don't want to believe. haha


Anthony Dean: It is actually quite the opposite! I often find myself having too many things that I want to go to. There is certainly never a lack of things to do here


Eric Poretsky: Oh great! Thanks!


Savannah_2016: I mentioned this before, but at Wesleyan it's very easy to double major! Actually, it's common for students to double major because we have a small selection of minors which were only recently instituted here. For years, people only had the option to double major, and all of the departments have made it very easy to do so!


AssociateDeanStrong: Shizua, about 40% of Wesleyan students double-major.  I won't say it's "easy"--in fact it's a lot of work--but Wesleyan's structure makes double-majoring a very realistic option.


Yintian Long: @Dean Strong, I ask that is because when you said about the desire to make a real impact in the world, you specifically pointed to a desire to do better work,. And because I thank a real impact should change oneself first, for example, although Mother Teresa worked to change many poor children's life in her own country at first, it was changing herself first that had a real impact on this world that she actually changed the definition of charity. I wonder how people there treat the real impact. So far as I know, there are many people who did a lot of things but never knew why they do it.


Eric Poretsky: Hey everyone I'm sorry but I think I have to go. This has been incredibly insightful and I can't wait to see what happens on December 15th! Thank you all!


Shizuha Hatori: Thank you!


AssociateDeanStrong: Yintian, I think I understand what you mean and that's a really great question! 


Savannah_2016: Have a good night!


Shizuha Hatori: and Sabannah and AssociateDean, thank you so much.


Savannah_2016: You're very welcome.


AssociateDeanStrong: Good night everyone!  Yintian, I am drafting my response to you right now.  It will just take a few more moments.


Yintian Long: @Dean Strong, it is ok, and I understand it takes time to write a reply, especially a detailed and responsible one. So thank you!


Yintian Long: Is there any debate team on campus because I think it displays not only language skills but logics. It is certainly not for victory or the behalf of team but for truth?


Anthony Dean: There is a debate team on campus. I have a few friends in it, and I've only heard positive things about it; they seem to really connect with the other people on the team


AssociateDeanStrong: I think it would be very hard to go through four years at Wesleyan and not grow significantly as a person.  First of all, as another student mentioned earlier (perhaps it was you?) “dissent” leads to significant learning when it is expressed with clarity and respect.  Wesleyan is such a diverse place, there are people with so many different perspectives actively engaging each other in debate; you have to learn to express your own ideas as well as possible so they can be heard and not misunderstood and you have to learn to listen or you will miss the opportunity to genuinely examine your own preconceptions about the world. 


Yintian Long: @Anthony Dean, thank you so much for providing the info. I also wonder it is any chance to cooperate with people from different departments on one project, because I have studied on education system since I was 13, and through my studying on it, I found it requires many other knowledge such as mathematics, sociology, psychology and etc. and it is a system to realize educational justice and equalization globally?


Anthony Dean: I know that there is a huge focus on mixing studies between different disciplines. There are specific classes dedicated to thinking about the many different aspects of one particular thing. I recall one class that combined physics and dance into one class relating the two fields


Savannah_2016: Along with Anthony's answer, there was also a class on Sci Fi films that was co-taught by a film professor and a biology professor, which took into account the scientific elements of the films. Many different areas can be overlapped!


AssociateDeanStrong: Yintian, Wes offers a certificate in Education that is very interdisciplinary.  To get the certificate, you have to take classes in the following areas: 1) Cognitive and psychological influences on learning and schooling; 2) Social and structural analyses of education; 3) Statistics; 4) Broader contexts; 5) In-school experience. You also must take two additional courses chosen from those listed in categories 1 and/or 2. 


Yintian Long: @ Dean Strong, thank you for your detailed reply and it was I who put something on dissents. What you said is really important, because when speaking about leadership, the first thing is not to gain power but learn to listen as George Washington, and sometimes it may need compromise but it requires rationality all the time. That's the real impact I expect, which derives from considerations not passions, and therefore, it is really important to change myself first into a humble person, so that since everyone is an isolated circle but with an open door, I can really learn a lot from others. Thank you so much.


AssociateDeanStrong : Yintian, thanks for pushing the conversation!


Yintian Long: @Dean Strong, thank you for your suggestion on Education. It seems there is little time here, so I wonder whether I can be fit into Wesleyan quickly and socially and do you think can I cope with possible challenges? I think how to treat dissents, how rigorous is academic freedom and how to make impact on the world are three important things to evaluate a college, than you for giving info on these 3 things.


Yintian Long: Because my family financial conditions cannot afford it, can I apply for a fee waiver? And is there any chance to get full financial aid as an international student? Thanks, for there things I must consider.


AssociateDeanStrong: Yintian, Wesleyan has a small number of full scholarships for international students.  As a student from China, you may be eligible to apply for a Freeman Scholarship:


AssociateDeanStrong: I don't think it is possible for me to give you an answer to whether you will fit in quickly or cope with the challenges because I don't know you, but I will say that you seem to have the intellectual curiosity that Wesleyan students possess.  One thing I strongly believe is that at Wesleyan almost anyone can find their place.  There are students from all over the world, sciences and the arts are equally strong, and students are encouraged to be their whole selves, meaning if you are on the football team there is absolutely no reason why you can't also perform in the latest play or work on the campus farm.


Shizuha Hatori: This is my personal question, but I wonder why Freeman scholarships are limited for Asian people. Is there any unique quality which Wes is looking for?


Anthony Dean: That is simply the nature of the scholarship; Wesleyan is honestly looking for a diverse student body, and I think that is has one


Savannah_2016: Furthermore, it was founded by a man who was a long time resident of Asia, and he wanted to better the relationship and understanding between the United States and East Asia and wanted to give students an opportunity to gain an education in the states if they so wished.


Yintian Long: @everyone. I thank you for today's help and I think I know a more comprehensive Wesleyan. Therefore, I really thank you for everything did for us applicants. I wish you all have a great day.


Shizuha Hatori: Now, I understand! Thank you, Anthony and Savannah:)


AssociateDeanStrong: Savannah and Anthony thank you so much for doing such a great job answering questions!


Meena N: Could you tell me if IB students can expect to receive credits?


Anthony Dean: Here's a link with all that information  


AssociateDeanStrong: You can receive up to two credits (two classes worth) for IB classes as long as you receive a specific score.  See Anthony's link for more detail.


Shizuha Hatori: To everyone, thank you so much for helping me a lot today. Since it's a bit difficult to get 'real' information about Wes in Japan, I felt a little worry to be applying to Wes without gaining much information. I was so impressed at all your generosity and kindness. Thank you so much. Good night.


Savannah_2016: You're very welcome! Enjoy the rest of your day, and glad we could help you!


Meena N: So is possible, as a Wesleyan student to complete an undergraduate program in 3 years?


AssociateDeanStrong : Yes, but it will generally include at least some classes in the summer.


Anthony Dean: I'm not sure why I have all of these links, but here's one that answers your question well


Meena N: Thanks!


AssociateDeanStrong: Thanks so much for all of your great questions!  It's time for us to wrap up, but if you have any questions that you didn't get to ask, feel free to email me at  Good night!  Or good day or good morning depending on where you are.