Tolland, CT                  
Pomfret School     

Senior essay exploring how athleticparticipation is a means of self-identification.

“Theories and Models” taught by Professor Cecilia Miller—a three-hour long discussion-based class with only three students! We arranged the desks in a circle and Professor Miller would ask us each questions about the reading. She would give us a copy of the New York Times and we would have to pick an article that demonstrated the theories or themes from the reading. Although I had no previous insight into any forms of theory, this class inspired me to dive into the Literary Theories and Forms concentration in the English major, a feat that would have been much more difficult without Professor Miller’s class.
I played for the women’s varsity ice hockey team for three years. Currently, I participate in intramural softball and intramural soccer. I am also a staff writer for our school newspaper, The Wesleyan Argus. I have various jobs on campus including house manager for Writing House, a note-taker and audio reader for the Office of Disability Services, and a monitor at the Freeman Athletic Center.
The most amount of time I’ve ever spent away from campus was two weeks—to say I’ve grown attached to Wes would be an understatement. However, I’ve still found ways to get off campus and be involved in the Middletown community through my involvement with Residential Life and athletics. Every semester, Writing House reads to kindergartners, and through participating in a varsity sport, I’ve gotten the opportunity to travel with my team to the local middle school to volunteer our time during recess.
One of my favorite Wesleyan experiences was the opportunity I had my freshman year to play an outdoor hockey game. Most NHL fans are aware of the recent outdoor craze with the Winter Classic, and some AHL teams are able to participate in this as well. The Connecticut Whale invited a few colleges to play in a festival called “Connecticut Loves Hockey.” Although we lost the game, it was an unforgettable experience playing outdoor hockey under the lights of Rentschler Field, wearing eye-black across our cheeks, and smiling despite our numb toes.     

Thanks to Wesleyan, I’ve discovered my passion for writing. I would love to be able to devote 100% of my time to writing, but I know that I also love to teach. I hope to go into the education field so that I can find a balance between my two passions.

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