Dallas, TX                   
Highland Park High School     

Sociology and French

Paris, France               

My senior essay will focus on cultural mediation and cultural action in France. In studying arts and community spaces in Paris and its surrounding areas, I will explore how art and culture influence immigrant communities’ understandings of French identity.

“Introduction to Sociology” was probably the most influential class I’ve taken because it has determined the course of my academic career at Wes and sparked my interest to delve further into theories behind the reproduction of societal inequalities in my topical classes. “Social Theory” has been equally important for me because it is so satisfying to piece together what these theorists were tryingto say. Professor Cutler’s “personal trainer” approach to teaching makes it so that he holds his students accountable in class and makes everyone want to pick apart the readings and understand their relevance today.
I have been a member of the editorial board of The Hangman’s Lime,Wesleyan’s only all poetry journal, since freshman year. I have participated in activist events on campus, organized by the student groups Occupy Wesleyan and Wesleyan Democratic Socialists. For the past two years, I have been singing with Ebony Singers and have choreographed dances for the Terpsichore spring show. I work in the Microforms department in Olin Library during the academic year, have tutored through Individual Tutoring in past years, and worked last summer as a research assistant for Professor Daniel Long in the sociology department, studying accountability policies in education.
When at home in Dallas, I work for my mom as a sales rep, showing childrenswear lines to prospective buyers for retail stores. The summer after my freshman year, I spent time working for my brother in New York, selling office supplies doorto-door in Queens. In my free time, I enjoy photography, music, yoga, and traveling to France, when I can, to visit my dad’s side of the family.
The spring. Everything is better in the spring. Walking up Foss Hill into a sea of friends warms my heart every time. Senior thesis shows, WesFest, Spring Fling, senior week – everything is happening!     

I’d like to spend time traveling in Latin America for a few months after graduation. More long-term, I’d like to work to influence public policy, either with a nonprofit or research organization. I want to help people by working to combat the injustices brought on by structural inequality. I may end up going to graduate school, or maybe even law school!

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