New York, NY                     
Trinity School    
Film Studies and Government
16mm Short Film       

This year I directed three 16mm short films and worked on two senior thesis films. I have been a writer for Method Magazine for two years and contributed more than 120 posts to Wesleying as a staff writer since my freshman year. I recently joined Wesleyan’s Concert Committee, balancing an $82,000 budget to work with student bookers to bring performers to campus. I’m in two bands, Lioness and Treasure Island, and I compose electronic music under the moniker, Bamenda. 

Most recently I worked as a production intern at Bikini Editorial, an editing house that specializes in commercials, and Jane Startz Productions, which oversees film and television productions. I worked as an intern for Newsweek/The DailyBeast’s Women in the World conference in spring 2011. I have been a volunteer camp counselor for Fundaçao da Criança e da Juventude, a Portuguese youth academy in SaoTomé, West Africa.
"Sight and Sound," the film major’s 16mm production class. The rigors of shooting and editing on film can be emotionally and intellectually draining, yet each humorous and informative lecture from Professor Steve Collins invigorated my passion for the medium; completing each tiny film was exceptionally fulfilling.
Playing at Spring Fling during my freshman year. My band, Lioness (Linus at the time), had not seriously considered that we might win the Spring Fling Battle of the Bands, and we were just ecstatic to be selected to play. In front of a significant proportion of the school and nearly all of our close friends, we played one of our best shows ever on a great sound system during a beautiful day. One of my favorite bands, The Dirty Projectors, performed that year, and I was able to talk with a few of the band members. When I look back on my time here, Spring Fling 2010 will definitely be one of the experiences I remember most fondly.

I’d like to pursue a career in film or television. In a few years, I’d like to work with a commercial or music video production house making short and feature length films. I’d like to keep making music and live somewhere where I can continue performing live.

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