Keyonne "Key" Session '17

MAJOR:    Undecided


Admissions Intern
Wesleyan Student Assembly
Class of 2017 Student Council
Wesleyan Diversity Education Facilitators
Intramural Basketball Referee                


HIGH SCHOOL: Friends Academy


I attended the Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem, NY my freshman and sophomore year of high school. At the Frederick Douglass Academy, I was a tour guide and also part of Harlem Samba, the school based Samba group. I then transferred to Friends Academy the end of my sophomore year where I repeated 10th grade to become accustomed to a private school education. I was part of the diversity club for all three years I attended the school and was also elected as treasurer of the club my senior year. Along with the diversity club, I was part of the Admissions Club for three years where I became president my senior year, organizer of Relay for Life, played on the varsity football team and also participated in the winter plays. SPICES an acronym for Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Stewardship were major components of my education. I lived by these everyday due to my heavy involvement within the Boy Scouts. I have participated within this organization for 11 years and am now currently and Eagle Scout. 

WHY WES: The question of why I choose Wesleyan is a question that many ask and one that I have many answers to. One of the main reasons that I chose Wesleyan was because of the diverse campus that it has to offer. By a diverse campus I mean an environment in which a football player does a theater performance, or a student who double majors in neuroscience and theater. A campus in which you cannot define what a “typical” Wesleyan student is because there is no one specific student.

No Beef by Steve Aoki and Afrojack     

The Lion King                     

I’m an Eagle Scout and love to play videogames as much as possible.


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