Geneva Jonathan '15

MAJOR:    Psychology and Science and Society Program


Admissions Intern
Rho Epsilon Pi Sorority
Wesleyan Women’s Track and Field              

HOMETOWN: Williamstown, MA

HIGH SCHOOL: Northfield Mount Hermon


Although I grew up in Williamstown Massachusetts, home of Williams College, my heart has always been set on Wesleyan University. I am a double major in Science in Society and Psychology. I am a graduate of Northfield Mount Hermon School. NMH is where I first became interested in event planning and admission work. I worked as a tour guide and a processing assistant for four years, and when I moved on to Wesleyan, I was keen on a job in the Office of Admission.

WHY WES: In my search for the perfect college, I looked at 22 schools with my twin sister. She was a pushover who fell in love with every college or university we visited. I, on the other hand, was harder to impress. Then we arrived at Wesleyan, a stop we made as a last minute decision on the way home from another school. From the moment I set foot on this campus, I could see myself living a comfortable life at Wesleyan. All the other universities I had visited completely lost priority in my mind. Everyone says that Wesleyan has that “quirky, unique” feeling and I fell in love with how the college embraced that identity. It is refreshing to walk onto a campus and see people from all different backgrounds bringing something unique to the table. Every student I met during my WesFest overnight reminded me of an onion (corny I know): each had so many layers beyond their academics – they were dancers, teachers, athletes, singers – the list goes on! I was excited by the fact that I could potentially attend a college that doesn’t breed a specific type of student. Thanks to the open curriculum, I was impressed to see that students could explore beyond a true liberal arts education.            

Half Crazy by Musiq Soulchild     



I believe in aliens


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