Major program: The disciplines of biochemistry, molecular biology, and biophysics focus on the molecular mechanisms of life processes using a variety of genetic, biochemical, and spectroscopic approaches.  It is recommended that student begin working toward the major in the first year to be able, in later years, to take advantage of upper-level courses and research opportunities.  Students are strongly encouraged to pursue independent research.  Students who are considering medical school or graduate school should know that most programs require laboratories in organic chemistry, one year of mathematics, and a course in physical chemistry.

Special Programs: Certificate program in molecular biophysics; Certificate program in Integrative Genomic Sciences (IGS); The BA/MA Program (Fifth Year Masters)

Sample Courses: Principles of Biology I/II; Honors Introductory Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics; Molecular Biology; Biochemistry; Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences

Number of Professors: 9

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Building
Title: Faculty Spotlight
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Building

Donald Oliver

Daniel Ayres Professor of Biology, Professor of Biology and Biochemistry

Research Interests: Mechanisms of protein translocation and membrane protein biogenesis in bacteria; bacterial genetics.