Faculty Committee Rosters

The faculty has four standing committees responsible for educational policy, honors, rights and responsibilities, and compensation and benefits. In addition there is an executive committee chaired by the Chair of the Faculty.
The Academic Council consisting of the president, all tenured faculty and three untenured faculty, one from each division. The Academic Council establishes guidelines and policy for faculty appointments, reappointments, promotions and tenure. 
The Academic Council has two standing committees. The Advisory Committee advises the president on appointments, reappointments, promotions and tenure and crafts legislation for Academic Council approval. The Review and Appeals Board receives recommendations from the Advisory Committee on tenure and promotion cases and can hear appeals. The Review and Appeals Board advises the president.
Faculty membership on these committees is implemented through a series of elections held each year in the spring. 


Standing Committees of the Faculty 2016/17 (pdf file)

Standing Committees of the Academic Council 2016/17 (pdf file)

Executive Committee of the Faculty 2016/17 (pdf file)

Merit Committee 2016/17 (pdf file)

Trustee Representatives 2016/17 (pdf file)