Office of Parent Programs

The mission of the Office of Parent Programs  is to facilitate, develop and nurture the lifelong relationships between the University and parents, as well as within the parent constituency; and to support the educational mission of the University.

To accomplish this mission, staff members:

  • Build relationships with parents, both individually and as a constituency.
  • Provide for two-way communication between parents and the University, and among parents.
  • Serve as the front-line resource for parents contacting the University, and serve as liaison between parents and the University as appropriate.
  • Coordinate and expedite volunteer efforts, both on- and off-campus.
  • Work with the Parents Council (entire parent constituency) and its leadership to support the Parents Council mission.
  • Increase donor support from parents.  

Meg Zocco
Director of Parent Development

Dana Coffin
Associate Director, Alumni and Parent Relations