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Erika Flavin ’14 on Working as a Merchandise Planner at Macy’s
Rachel Munafo
As a psychology major, I always knew that I wanted my first career to involve a lot of interacting with others to reach a common goal. I didn’t want to have a job where I would sit, isolated, at a computer all day with little-to-no human interaction. Along with my core Psychology classes, I took…

International Affairs Graduate Programs: Do You Think You Can Change the World?
Rachel Munafo
In this world of complex and interrelated political, social, and economic challenges, leaders need to understand issues from diverse viewpoints. The world is constantly changing; decision makers must be prepared to adapt and create effective policy, implement programs, and work across sectors and borders. A graduate degree in International Affairs illuminates the connections between history,…

5 Great Reasons to apply for FRC and ECCD!
Rachel Munafo
  It’s easy! Apply for several jobs all at one site Great to share with others who ask, “What have you done to find a job?” Make that suit multitask #gradgoals Are you interested in working in New York or Boston after graduation?  Get started on your job search and interview prospects by applying for…

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