Strength and Conditioning Facilities: Freeman Fitness Center

Free Weight Area-4 Power Lift Double Racks







The double racks are used to train on our feet focusing on the Olympic style lifts, squats, dead lifts, flat bench and incline bench press. These are considered core lifts in the programs designed for our student-athletes.

Dumbell Training Area, Cybex Strength Training Machines





There are 5 dumbbell racks with weights ranging from 3lbs. to 100 lbs.  The dumbbells allow for great variety in total body training.  We also have a myriad of Cybex Strength Training Equipment targeting the total body as well.








There are 7 treadmills in the center.  You can train while watching a favorite TV program, listening to your favorite music, or enjoying great views onto our athletic practice and game fields.


Cardio/Energy System Training Area


There are 10 Elliptical Trainers, 6 Stairmaster steppers, 3 recumbent bikes, 8 upright bikes, 2 Airdyne bikes, 7 treadmills, 2 rowing machines, and 1 upper body ergometer.  We have everything you would want in a lifetime fitness training program.


Free Weight Area

Free Weight Area
In addition to our double racks, we also have a flat bench rack, a decline bench rack, a smith machine rack  and a multi-functional leg press to address your strength training needs.

Cybex Strength Training Machines

Cybex machines
Cybex Bench Press, Incline Press, Shoulder Press, Leg Press, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Low Back Extension, Rotary Torso, Abdominal Crunch, Lat Raise, Lat Pull-Downs, Low Row, Arm Curl, Low Back Benches, Roman Chair, Ab/Adduction, Calf Raise, and the Cable Crossover with additional Lat Pull and Low Row options on each end.

Cubicle storage area and Mat stretch and core training area

Core training area
There is a designated area to store your belongings when you come to train in the center.  We also have a designated mat area where you can stretch as well as train your "Core" with use of our stability balls and medicine balls as well as all the great movements which can be performed on the mats for "Core Training".