Major program: The major consists of a minimum of nine courses distributed as follows:

  • At least 4 on Latin American literature
  • At least 3 on "peninsular" Spanish literature
  • At least 1 on early modern literature
  • At least 1 on modern Spanish literature
  • At least 1 on modern Latin American literature

At least five credits must be SPAN course taken with the Wesleyan Spanish faculty, one during the senior year. Students are also highly encouraged to study abroad and may receive up to four credits toward the major for literature courses taken in Spanish on approved programs.

Sample Courses:  Modern Spain: Literature, Painting, and the Arts in their Historical Context; Colonial Fantasies: Rethinking the Conquest through Film; Spanish American Literature and Civilization; Intellectuals and Cultural Politics in Latin America

Number of Professors: 9


Spanish Building
Title: Faculty Spotlight
Spanish Building

Robert Conn

Associate Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, Associate Professor of Latin American Studies, Director, Center for the Americas

Research Interests: His book, The Politics of Philology: Alfonso Reyes and the Invention of the Latin American Literary Tradition (2002, Bucknell University Press), he examines the manner in which one of Mexico's most important writers and scholars of the past century turns to literature and philosophy to create intellectual community across the Hispanic and Latin American world.