Major program: The Psychology Department offers introductory courses to provide a general overview of the entire field.  Statistics and research methods courses familiarize students with research tools and techniques.  The breadth requirement courses assure that students take an array of medium-level courses that provide an intensive exposure to the theories, practices, and results associated with important investigative areas.

Three new components have been added to the psychology major: (1) a cultural immersion experience in a culture other than one's own, (2) a foreign language requirement, and (3) satisfaction of general education requirements.

Sample Courses:
Discovering the Person; Psychopathology; Cultural Psychology; Feelings and Emotions; Seminar on Emotion; Myth, Magic, and Movies; Cross-Cultural Childhoods; Memory in the Movies; Psychology and the Law; Seminar in Eating Disorders

Number of Professors: 15

Psychology Building
Title: Faculty Spotlight
Psychology Building

Scott Plous

Professor of Psychology

Research Interests: Judgment and decision making; international security; prejudice and discrimination; the human use of animals and the environment; interactive web-based research; and action teaching.  Professor Plous received a five-year grant for $700,000 from the National Science Foundation for the Social Psychology Network. He founded the web-based presence in 1996. The grant will be used to transform the site into a full featured social networking service for visitors and its approximately 2,000 members across the world.