Major program: The Mathematics major requires a year of differential and integral calculus, Vectors and Matrices or Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, an elementary knowledge of mathematical algorithms and computer programming, Abstract Algebra, Fundamentals of Analysis, and a coherent selection of at least four additional courses in advanced mathematics chosen in consultation with an advisor from the department.

Honors Program: An undergraduate may achieve the BA with honors in mathematics or honors in computer science via one of several routes:

  • Honors thesis
  • A strong performance in a suitable sequence of coursesalong with a public lecture on a topic chosen together with a faculty advisor
  • A comprehensive examination

Special Programs: Mathematics-Economics Program

Sample Courses: Introduction to Mathematical Thought; Elementary Statistics; Multivariable Calculus; Vectors and Matrices; Linear Algebra; Fundamentals of Analysis; Complex Analysis; Discrete Mathematics; Differential Equations; Probability;   An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics; Set Theory; Topology; Abstract Algebra; Graph Theory

Number of Professors: 22

Mathematics Building
Title: Faculty Spotlight
Mathematics Building

Karen Collins

Professor of Mathematics

Research Interests: Enumerative and Algebraic Combinatorics, Graph Theory