Major program: The economics major is one of the more popular and populous majors on campus as well as one of the most rigorous. We routinely have many students elected to Phi Beta Kappa, including several as fall inductees, and numerous students write honors theses. Many of our students collaborate with faculty and several have published co-authored articles in refereed journals. Our graduates undertake a variety of activities when they leave Wesleyan, ranging from analyst positions in investment/commercial banks and consulting firms to teaching posts in the Peace Corps. Many continue their studies in the nation’s best law and business schools; still others go on to earn the Ph.D. in economics or related fields at major graduate schools.

Students majoring in economics must complete a minimum of eight graded courses including three core courses and five electives.

Sample Courses:  Introduction to Economic Theory; Latin American Economic Development; Labor Economics; Microeconomic Analysis; Macroeconomic Analysis; the Multinational Enterprise; the Economics of Developing Countries

Number of Professors: 21

Economics Building
Title: Faculty Spotlight
Economics Building

Gary Yohe

Huffington Foundation Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies, Faculty Fellow, College of the Environment

Research Interests: Adaptation and the potential damage of global climate change, three distinct lines of inquiry: the micro responses to investigate the degree to which assuming efficient markets biases the estimates of cost and/or limits the range of potential adaptation; estimating reduced form cost functions when data are scarce; the role of uncertainty and the search for robust and/or hedging strategies in formulating policy.