About the Center:
The Wesleyan Center for the Humanities is one of the oldest humanities institutes in the United States. Besides supporting individual research and teaching projects, the Center is a place for sustained communication between the humanities and the social sciences. Its program each semester is organized around a focal theme, which shapes a weekly series of public lectures and smaller seminars. At these events, and in other, more informal settings, Wesleyan faculty, students, and visiting scholars from diverse disciplinary backgrounds carry on a wide-ranging inquiry into the social dimensions of the imagination and the imaginative dimensions of social life. As a meeting ground between the humanities and social sciences, between Wesleyan faculty and visitors, and between faculty and students, the Center for the Humanities is one of the key sites of intellectual life at Wesleyan.

Four Student Fellowships are awarded by the Center's Advisory Board for each semester.  Student Fellows share an office at the Center and take part in Center activities and in the vibrant intellectual community these activities produce.  Among these events are the Center's Monday lecture series; colloquial discussions on Tuesday mornings; and occasional Center conferences.  One course credit is awarded for a Student Fellow's participation in the Center's activities.

Sample Courses: Cultures of the Brain: Cognitive Science and the Humanities; Worlding the World: Creation Myths from Ancient Greece to the Multiverse; Feelings and Emotion; Affective Sovereignties

Center for the Humanities Building
Title: Faculty Spotlight
Center for the Humanities Building

Kirk Davis Swinehart

Center for the Humanities Faculty Fellow, Fall '09Assistant Professor of History

Research Interests: Exploration and colonization; British North America; the American Revolution; Native American history; the history of warfare; material culture;  biography and narrative nonfiction.