Department Description: The Quantitative Analysis Center (QAC) prepares today’s students for success in an information-driven future through the close collaboration of Wesleyan’s faculty with the Center’s staff. It provides support for quantitative analysis across the curriculum. In addition, the QAC provides opportunities for students to develop a practical quantitative analytical skill set, support students and faculty whose work involves data analysis, and enhances Wesleyan University’s appeal to new faculty engaged in quantitative research.

The Center offers extensive tutorial services in the form of course-specific workshops and one-on-one or small group tutoring. The Center also offers a summer apprenticeship designed to engage students in research projects, train student research assistants, and train students who can serve as tutors during the academic year. Examples of projects undertaken by students include: “The Earned Income Tax Credit and the Changing Face of Welfare Provision”; “Nocturnal Eating: Association with Obesity, Binge Eating and Psychological Distress”; “How Efficient is Your Bank? A Stochastic Frontier Approach”; and “What Influences the ‘Private School Effect’?”


Olin Library