Major program: Course work for the major includes composition, history, analysis, pedagogy, anatomy, improvisation, technique and repertory. One of the distinguishing features of the program is the global range of dance perspectives including: Bharata Natyam, Ghanaian, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Afro-Brazilian, and Javanese.

The department supports a performance schedule consisting of nineteen events.  Students choreograph and perform in a minimum of five concerts, and faculty members choreograph and perform yearly in at least two concerts. Wesleyan University also houses the prestigious Center for the Arts that presents two major dance series, Breaking Ground  and Dance Masters.

Sample Courses:  Introduction to Dance; Bharata Natyam I: Introduction of South Indian Classical Dance; West African Dance I; Anatomy and Kinesiology; Jazz II: Hip Hop; American Dance History

Number of Professors: 9

Dance Building
Title: Faculty Spotlight
Dance Building

Katja P. Kolcio

Associate Professor of Dance, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

Research Interests: Social somatic theory, investigating the role of somatic creative experience in practices of knowledge production, namely pedagogy, research methodology, and technology.