Major program:  Computer Science major requirements include computer science and mathematics courses as well as two electives.  Honors Program: An undergraduate may achieve the BA with honors in computer science via the honors thesis, written under the supervision of a faculty member under conditions monitored by the University Committee on Honors.
Sample Courses: Introduction to Programming; Computer Science I/II; Computer Structure and Organization; Bioinformatics Programming; Automata Theory and Formal Languages; Algorithms and Complexity; Design of Programming Languages; Compilers; Evolutionary and Ecological Bioinformatics; Bioinformatics and Function Genomics; Principles of Databases; Computer Graphics

Number of Professors: 6

Computer Science Building
Title: Faculty Spotlight
Computer Science Building

Norman Danner

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Research Interests: Implicit computational complexity, type theory, bounded arithmetic, formalisms for implicit computational complexity and weak systems of arithmetic, anonymizing networks such as The Onion Router. Main research program (with J. Royer of Syracuse University): the investigation of practical programming languages with type-theoretic guarantees of resource usage.