Major program: Potential majors must take one of the three AFAM core courses (AFAM 202, 203, or 204) and earn a grade of B- or better in one of the three core courses to be admitted to the major.
The student must complete 11 semester courses. Seven of these courses must be cross-listed with African American Studies (the three required core courses, the required junior colloquium, and the three elective courses). The four courses for the disciplinary or thematic concentration do not have to be cross-listed, though they should be in a related field. All but two of the 11 courses must be taken at Wesleyan.

Sample Courses:  African American History, 1444-1877; African American Literary Movements: Harlem Renaissance to Cave Canen; Contemporary Art in Africa and Diaspora in War and Peace; Race, Rage, Riots and Backlash: 20th-Century Protest Movements; Imagining the American South.

Number of Professors: 10

African American Studies Building
Title: Student Spotlight
African American Studies Building

Jason C. Harris

African American Studies Major, Class of '09

Why African American Studies? "It offered me the opportunity to situate my own history and identity against a broader intellectual and historical backdrop of (in)justice-making. It allowed me to explore the ways that forced labor, dehumanization, genocide, and colonialism served as mechanisms for the founding of America—ones that continue to be used to shore up America's boundaries against constructed 'others.'"