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Richard Slotkin to Inaugurate Lecture Series

Mon, Apr 21, 2014

When I was a student here in the mid 1970s, I remember all those the smart kids who hung around Richard Slotkin, a young faculty member teaching literature, film, history, anthropology, cultural studies….or so it seemed to me from the [read more]

The Huffington Post

Conflict and Culture at New York's Jewish Museum

Feb. 24, 2014

Writing as Sigmund Freud, President Roth comments on boycotts, conflict and culture. [read more here]


In College, Choose to Thrive

April 9, 2014

President Roth urges students to think far beyond their first job as they select a college. [read more here]

Welcome To Wesleyan

Wesleyan University stands for the opportunity to connect serious intellectual and aesthetic work with making a positive difference in the world. That makes Wesleyan a promising place to be. You can sense  this promise everyday in the life and work of our community – here on campus and around the world. Students here have the talent, the capacity and the drive to create something new. Our open curriculum enables them to identify and explore aspects of the world that interest them most, and our superb faculty teach them how to refine and strengthen their efforts. By the end of their undergraduate careers, our students know how to produce work that has real impact in the worlds of ideas, enterprise, and service.

The gift of a Wesleyan education is the freedom to discover what you love to do and then to get better at it. This is a gift I received as a student here thirty years ago, and today’s students continue to experience its transformative power.