Campus Health and Safety


Counseling and Psychological Services
Counseling and Psychological Services offers confidential mental and emotional health support to deal effectively with emotional, personal, interpersonal and situational issues which cause unhappiness, frustration and/or disruption to their lives. There is no charge for their services. A 24-hour therapist is always on call.
Sexual Assault and Prevention and Response
Learn about sexual assault awareness, education, prevention and support resources available.

Sexual Violence Prevention and Response at Wesleyan (powerpoint presentation)
During Family Weekend 2014 Wesleyan Alumni and Parents Working Against Violence hosted a workshop titled Sexual Assault and Sexual Respect: How Wesleyan Is Working to Create a Respectful Sexual Culture on Campus. During the workshop Alysha Warren, Therapist/Sexual Violence Resource Coordinater at Wesleyan, shared a powerpoint presentation outlining sexual violence prevention and response at Wesleyan. See the powerpoint here.

Campus Fire Safety
Campus Fire Safety promotes fire prevention and life safety awareness by offering training, educational programs, and informational resources.  They conduct inspections of academic, administrative and residential facilities and provide expert guidance on fire and life safety code issues.

Health Education/WesWELL
WesWELL focuses on prevention education on the health issues most relevant to college students.

Health Services
Health Services provides confidential medical care for illness, injury, well visits, travel consults, sexual health, and more. There is no charge to visit a provider, though other fees may apply. A 24-hour healthcare provider is always on call.

Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention
Recognizing the serious effects of alcohol and other drug abuse on the academic performance and, more generally, on the wellbeing of our students, Wesleyan has implemented various prevention measures to promote responsible decision-making, reduce the likelihood of harm, and support the creation of a healthier campus culture.

Physical Plant
Physical Plant is responsible for operations and maintenance of Wesleyan buildings and grounds. They have a full staff of skilled tradespeople and custodians who maintain, repair, and clean campus buildings and associated equipment. Students may place work orders online if they notice that something in the dorms needs maintenance.

Public Safety
Public Safety is Wesleyan's on-campus police force.  Their goal is maintain a safe environment on the Wesleyan campus. Blue Light Phones, which connect the caller directly to Public Safety's emergency line, can be found in 71 locations around campus.  An emergency notification system, which has been operational since March 2007, sends alerts to regular phones, cell phones and email addresses regarding serious campus-wide emergencies such as catastrophic weather, accident or other life-threatening situations. Students can alert Public Safety of their concerns by calling either the non-emergency or emergency phone lines (860-685-2345 and 860-685-3333 respectively). 

The Office of Residential Life
The Office of Residential Life promotes responsible, inclusive, learning communities.  At the core of ResLife is a team of 96 upper-class student staff members selected through an extremely competitive process in order help guide the student community at Wesleyan. They include Head Residents (HRs), Resident Advisors (RAs), House Managers (HMs), and Community Advisors (CAs) who are supervised by the professional Area Coordinator (AC) staff. Spring Semester 2011 important information can be found here.

The RIDE is a shuttle service for students.  Students can catch The RIDE at locations throughout the campus, making the trek across campus both quick and safe. The RIDE runs every night during the academic year from 7 pm until 4 am. Persons with disabilities can access special shuttle services during evening hours by calling the driver at 860-685-3788 between 7 pm and 4 am.

Sustainability at Wesleyan
Wesleyan University has been actively promoting sustainability since the 1980s, when it began a recycling program.  Through the efforts of the sustainability coordinator, Sustainability Advisory Group (SAGES), and the campus community, Wesleyan has expanded its sustainability efforts to include greenhouse gas inventories, a climate action plan, and sustainability policies and projects.