Memory Book

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Memories of the 2012 Induction Class:

2012 Hall of Fame Inductees
John Biddiscombe, Former Athletic Director
1983 - 84 Wrestling Team


Having coached in NESCAC for 18 years, our Swimming & Diving Championships have rotated through 4 different sites with the conference (Middlebury, Williams, Bowdoin, & Wesleyan). At no other facility or campus, was the Athletic Director more involved in supporting and supplying administrative assistance than John. Not only did he and his staff work tirelessly behind the scene taking care of all of the logistical feats, but John took it upon himself to be on deck and lend a hand, literately, in making sure things went smoothly. Because of his presence on deck, it was easy for me to get to know John over the years and update him on what was going on in my life and with our program. Ironically, little did I know that I would one day get to interview with him and become the Head Swimming & Diving Coach position. I owe this fortunate twist of fate to John and our new Athletic Director, Mike Whalen and feel extremely fortunate to be here at Wesleyan and become a member of the Cardinal Family.

Peter Solomon
Wesleyan Swimming & Diving


Memories…of being on a winning team! One of my clearest memories of the 1983-84 wrestling team was to be the guy-under the guy-under the guy who was starting. Having come directly off of four years starting Varsity for my high school, I found it a big change at Wes! Considering the few matches I wrestled, it's practically a miracle someone snapped the photo of me that year grappling against the Coasties. But as we worked into the season, competitive tournaments and matches for those starters seemed few enough and far enough between one another that being a non-starter wasn't the most important thing after all. Routinely, we jumped to the same burst of Biddie's whistle, burned the same calories, swam the same dangerous waters of Shark-Bait or any of the other grueling drills that shaped our sport, and in between drills we thrust our faces through the same Fayerweather tower windows, sucking in southern New England's late-afternoon freezing winter air. That year, Mrs. Krasnu graciously knitted me a red and white cap, the same one she had distributed to the team the year before I had arrived at Wes. As a senior in high school I had joined my brother already at Wes to see the team take 2nd place in the New England's up in Worcester and it was there where I first got my eye on the knit hats: I wanted one even then. I'd forgotten where I last laid down that hat some ten years after graduation. But I never forgot where it came from, or who else wore them on travel days in our van, as we cruised the darkened New England highways to the soft rhythm of Biddie's country music radio station, rocking against northern winter winds and weather as we prepared ourselves mentally for the battles on the mat that would lay ahead.

Joseph Crivelli '87
141 pounder;
Currently 162 Lbs. (I hope that doesn't put me in Matt Skalla's weight class!)