Major program: Hebrew at Wesleyan is an innovative and dynamic program geared towards the cultural and literary enrichment of the students.

Wesleyan offers students a number of opportunities to pursue studies in Hebrew language and literature, Israeli culture, Judaica, and Jewish civilization. Most Judaica and Jewish Studies are taught or cross-listed in the Religion Department.  Hebrew classes fall within the Jewish and Israel Studies program within the Religion major.

Sample Courses: Hebrew Courses include Elementary Hebrew (HEBR 101 and HEBR 102), which instructs students with little or no background in Hebrew in basic language skills; Intermediate Hebrew (HEBR 201 and HEBR 202), which continues the instruction in language skills, and also provides students with an opportunity to study Israeli social, cultural, and political issues; and seminars in modern Hebrew Literature (HEBR211).

Hebrew Building
Title: Faculty Spotlight
Hebrew Building

Dalit Katz

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Religion

Experience: Dalit Katz has designed an innovative curriculum where Israeli scholars’ visits are an integral part of the Hebrew curriculum at all Hebrew levels.  Furthermore, some Hebrew courses are designed around such cultural events and visits. Among the cultural series that Dalit Katz has designed and organized are Contemporary Israeli Voices, a series which concentrates on literary and translation studies, Wesleyan Israeli Film Festival, which is offered every other year, and Israel in Shorts, a series of short films and TV shows.