Major program: The East Asian Studies Major requires seven courses, plus language, study abroad and a senior project.

The East Asian Studies Program challenges the student to understand China and Japan through the rigors of language study and the analytical tools of various academic disciplines. This process demands both broad exposure to different subjects and a focused perspective on a particular feature of the East Asian landscape. Japan and China are related yet distinctive civilizations. Each has its own traditions and patterns of development. These traditions have played an important role in the development of culture around the globe and remain formative influences today.

Concentrations Available: Art History and Art; Language, Literature and Film; History; Music; Philosophy and Religion; Political Economy

Sample Courses:
  Elementary Chinese; Elementary Japanese; The Problem of Truth In Modern China; Japanese Horror Fiction and Film; Classical Chinese Philosophy; Korean Drumming Ensemble; Art and Culture in Premodern Korea

Number of Professors: 15

East Asian Studies Building
Title: Faculty Spotlight
East Asian Studies Building

Vera Schwarcz

Freeman Professor of East Asian Studies, Professor of History

Research Interests: Student movements for science and democracy; the role of truth in the wake of historial trauma; the history of landscaped spaces