Social Media Directory

Many departments and groups at Wesleyan have a presence on social media sites. This list provides a sampling.

Dept./Group Facebook Twitter YouTube Flickr LinkedIn More
Wesleyan Facebook WesAstro YouTUbe Flickr LinkedIn


Alumni - Wesconnect Facebook Wesconnected
Astronomy WesAstro
Athletics Facebook WesAstro YouTUbe
Career Center Facebook WesAstro
Carillon WesAstro
Center for the Arts Facebook WesAstro YouTUbe Flickr Vimeo
Center for Humanities Facebook WesAstro
Center for Prison Education Facebook WesAstro
Graduate Liberal Studies Facebook WesGLS
Green Street and PIMMS Facebook WesGreenStreet YouTUbe
History and Theory Facebook WesAstro LinkedIn
Information Technology Services Facebook Twitter


Facebook Twitter
Office of Community Service Facebook Twitter Tumblr
Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship Facebook Twitter
ResLife Facebook WesAstro
Summer Session Facebook Twitter
Usdan Facebook
Wesleyan Argus Facebook Twitter
Wesleyan Media Project Twitter
WesPress Facebook WesAstro
WesPregame Facebook WesAstro
WESU Facebook WesAstro
WesWell Facebook
Winter Session Facebook Twitter
WSA Facebook WesAstro

If you are a Wesleyan department and would like your social media site listed you can submit a new Website Support ticket through the ITS Support Request form in your employee Portfolio - it is located in the Tools & Links list.